Over 18 Years of Dedicated Service

Early Warning System for APT Attacks

In a bid to help organizations detect security breaches and intruders in their private networks, we partnered with Thinkst to bring a simple but extremely effective network appliance that makes it easy to set up juicy-looking fake targets (honeypots) on corporate LANs that will sound an alarm if any attempt is made to access them […]

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

CFC has continued to pursue pioneering technology. We are actively involved in AI and machine learning research and for the past decade have been incorporating novel technologies in our enterprise systems development process. (more…)

ISO Audit Training & Certification

We are proud to represent PECB – Professional Evaluation and Certification Board a global provider of ISO standards training & certification for Individuals, management systems & products

And to partner with Makerere University Centre for Innovation & Professional Skills Development – CIPSD to deliver over fifty (50+) ISO certification training courses regularly at the College of Computing & Information Sciences

Specialized Training

We provide practical training sessions in different aspects of computer use and applications with a focus on cyber security, audit and forensics. Our specialized trainings span over a wide range of topics targeted to all users, both novice and skilled. We (more…)

Data Visualisation & Analytics

Viewing data using traditional representations such as spreadsheets, tables etc, may not accurately or instantly bring out the subtleties you need pointed out in order to understand underlying operational bottlenecks and (more…)

Collaboration & Info Sharing Systems

The Automation Monitoring Collaboration & Information Sharing (AMCIS) Project — CFC has developed a highly customized business information management platform which presents a set of capabilities through an online portal that makes it better, faster and easier for owners and stakeholders to manage and streamline business operations (more…)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

An ERP is an integrated system used to manage internal and external resources including tangible assets, financial resources, materials &  (more…)

Remote Monitoring and Control

CFC provides remote environmental monitoring and management solutions particularly to telecom networks for managing their sites’ environment conditions and security efficiently. Our CCTV solution for example, can be (more…)

Intelligent Law Enforcement Systems

CFC is involved in partnership with local Law enforcement agencies such as the Police to provide public safety and security solutions which include among others Traffic management and Surveillance, Automatic Number Plate (more…)

Physical Security

CFC offers enhanced security solutions as an extension to our forensics arm. These solutions include CCTV, Access control systems, Automatic Facial recognition systems, Biometric Controls and many more.  We also (more…)

ICT Solutions and Consultancy

CFC offers ICT solutions and consulting services that help clients assess different fast emerging technologies in order to simplify their business processes. Our solutions incorporate industry-standards hardware and (more…)

Penetration Testing and IT Audits

An Information Security audit is a technical assessment of a system or application and includes manual and automated assessments ranging from staff interviews, vulnerability scans, reviewing physical and system access (more…)

Computer Forensics & Litigation Support

This field of computer forensics involves identifying, preserving, recovering and analyzing electronic information to use as evidence in court.  This is the major focus of CFC and we provide the skill and technology to enable different (more…)

Disaster Recovery

CFC provides advanced recovery of lost data from systems that have suffered bad drive sectors, virus attacks, accidental deletion or reformatting, power failures, system crashes, invalid boot sectors, damaged FAT, MFT (more…)