ISO/IEC 27032 Cyber Security

The term ISO/IEC 27032 refers to ‘Cybersecurity’ or ‘Cyberspace security,’ which is defined as the protection of privacy, integrity, and […]

ISO/IEC 27035 Incident Management

In today’s business world, information security incidents are considered to be uncertain risks which can seriously damage a business. Thus, […]

SCADA Security Manager Trainings

SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is an industrial system framework that includes both hardware and software architecture to […]

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a practice of assessing the security of an IT infrastructure by securely trying to exploit vulnerabilities […]

Computer Forensics Trainings

Computer Forensics, also known as Cyber Forensics refers to the analysis of information in the computer systems, with the objective […]

Cyber security Audit Trainings

The digital evolution has brought immense benefits in innovation and growth, but the great dependence that many business models have […]