Certified Financial Manager for IT Services

What is Financial Management for IT Services?

As the magnitude and sophistication of the available technology has increased, so have the challenges of financially managing it.

The objective of this training is to provide candidates with a way of acquiring practical skills that gives them an edge over other candidates. Certified Financial Managers for IT Services will have valuable financial information at their fingertips which will be employed to help organizations lower the cost of their IT Services, while simultaneously taking into account the quality and risk factors.

Based on ITIL Service Strategy, the Financial Manager for IT Services gains understanding of financial and accounting principles, but additionally is equipped with superior decision making capabilities that are highly valuable for delivering cost-effective IT services.

Financial Manager for IT Services is responsible for managing three basic processes: accounting, budgeting, and charging.

Why getting Certified as Financial Manager for IT Services is important for you?

Money sets limits, hinders or magnifies opportunities, and yet organizations often end up with mismanaged budgets, lost investments or high debts. Thus, a financial manager for IT Services helps organizations meet their strategic objectives by gaining deeper insight into revenue forecasting, cost planning and positive cash flow generation as to effectively develop and deliver IT Services.

As such, a Financial Manager for IT Services assists organizations in becoming financially secure and independent by employing solid financial management practices. Additionally, it provides financial accounting support to ensure that the funds are spent wisely, as well as enables the organization to effectively  plan future IT outflows.

Benefits of getting Certified as Financial Manager for IT Services

Being a certified Financial Manager for IT Services will generate many benefits, such as:

  • Increase the service and customer reliability
  • Measure easily the value of every IT asset
  • Manage the service provider’s accounting, budgeting and charging necessities
  • Plan IT expenses while monitoring IT relevant costs and incomes
  • Improve the efficiency of IT application  within the organization
  • Increase the IT organization’s staff professionalism
How do I get started with Certified Financial Manager for IT Services training?

If you are willing to unlock your potential and fill the knowledge gap in financial management for IT services, our experts at CFC will assist you in obtaining the Financial Manager for IT Services certification and becoming part of our global professional network.

*Certified Financial Manager for IT Services training course is under development and is available upon request