Challenge for Investigators

The challenge for investigators is to demonstrate conclusively that a particular electronic device contains incriminating evidence. Digital data can easily be altered and it is often difficult to distinguish between original data and copies, extracting, securing and documenting digital evidence requires special skill. The methods used in collecting and examining digital evidence should in no way compromise the integrity of the data and should, at every stage, enable the examiner to verify its authenticity. For a long time this field has been ignored due to the lack of expertise and technology that enables one identify and preserve digital evidence. There are no supporting frameworks e.g. legal etc. in place and as a result many cases are lost or abandoned. Computer Forensics Consult Ltd. emerged in 2004 as a pioneer company focused on providing computer forensics, data recovery and electronic discovery services to institutions and firms such as law firms, financial institutions, governments and private investigation agencies, and corporate companies that require accurate retrieval of evidence from computers. We have since widened our area of expertise to provide consultancy in the novel field of ICT security as well as offer solutions for building and enhancing virtual infrastructure and capacity.