Communications Security

What is Communications Security?

Communications Security as a discipline, addresses the prevention of unauthorized access to telecommunications traffic or any information that is either transferred or transmitted in by electrical means. Communications Security serves as a protective shield for electronic emissions associated with sensitive information: a process involving the usage of specialized technical, operational and physical security measures. Hence, effective and secure communication can deliberately lead to creating trust for both internal and external parties within the organizational reach.

Why is Communications Security important for you?

Communications Security, as an ITS discipline, raises awareness and understanding for cautiousness whilst handling sensitive information. By following the steps indicated by the strategy, you will be able to maintain a structured framework for protecting sensitive and classified information in your company.

Benefits of Communications Security Certification

Communications Security Certificate will prove that you have:

  • The necessary knowledge to assist in implementing a standardized and secure communications structure.
  • Understood the importance of secured communications in organizations by adhering to the framework and principles of the ISO/IEC 27001.
  • Understood the relationship between the components of Communications Security management, including the roles and responsibilities, training, awareness &education, selection and termination of activities.
  • The necessary skills to support an organization in implementing and managing an ongoing Communications Security program.
  • The necessary knowledge to improve the Communications Security processes in an organization.

How do I get started with Communications Security Training?

Interested in expanding your knowledge and advancing your skills on Communications Security? CFC experts are here to provide you with comprehensive theoretical and practical instructions, as well as assist in obtaining the Certified Communications Security credentials.