Document Forensics Certification Training


Certification training for investigators in fundamentals of document forensics examination to include the following modules

  1. Forensic Handwriting Examination
  2. Forensic Document Examination
  3. Statistical Data Tables & Report Writing
  4. Introduction to Technologies used in forensic document examination
  5. Statement Analysis

Document Forensic Training comes with multiple study options including both classroom and online project hours. The courses consist of several modules that last from 6 months to 2 years with a minimum of one 5-day classroom session per module.

The build-up of hours spent on the course is what determines whether you will attain a certificate or a diploma on completion

Document Forensics Equipment

Equipment required to support investigators in carrying out Forensic Document Examinations include:

  1. Line & Middle zone grids
  2. Digital Microscope(s)
  3. Mobile Forensic light sources kit with accessories
  4. Comparison microscope (Depending on expertise, can range in cost)
  5. DSLR Camera with accessories set
  6. Magnifier up to 20x strength
  7. Rulers and Protractor set
  8. Electrostatic detection apparatus
  9. Micro-meter set
  10. Light Box
  11. Lockable filing cabinet
  12. Printer
  13. Scanner
  14. Photoshop and/or other advanced image processing software
  15. Laptop or Desktop (Minimum i5 processor with 8GB RAM)

Introduction courses include only classroom sessions and last 3 weeks i.e. 120 hours

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