Environmental Management Essentials

EME Management Systems Certification

Boost your company’s reputation by enhancing cost effective environmental performance with EME Certification.

EME Certification is dedicated to organizations that demonstrate compliance in relation to the implementation of Environmental Management Systems according to ISO 14001. CFC is willing to give this certification to companies that are in the process of meeting the entire criteria of EMS requirements within a short time. With this certification, your company will prove conformity to the key clauses implemented in their Management System, such as:

  • Knowing the context of the organization
  • Determining the scope of the Environmental Management System
  • Building communication channels
  • Ensuring management’s support for the implementation
  • Establishing internal and external communication processes
  • Creating and maintaining documented information and their controls
  • Defining and implementing operational control to minimize negative environmental impacts
  • Planning actions to prevent or mitigate any risk

What is EME about?

EME is a systematic approach to manage your organization’s impact on the environment by implementing essential requirements with less guidance from management – without neglecting the importance of ISO 14001 core.

EME framework implementation and certification will demonstrate your commitment to plan, implement and review environmental impacts with cost effective outcomes.

The design objectives for this certification scheme:
  • Easy and fast implementation
  • Reduced management involvement
  • Leverage existing ISO 14001 EMS skills of your staff to 100%
  • Certifiable

Benefits of EME certification

  • Reduced implementation efforts through few controls
  • No extra training is necessary for already certified ISO 14001 EMS implementers and auditors
  • No voided implementation efforts when moving to full blown ISO 14001 EMS
  • Marketing advantage through international recognition of the certificate
  • Very feasible step stone to achieve full ISO 14001 EMS certification
  • Increases the organization’s credibility
  • Ensures compliance with legislation, regulators and customers
EME certification (also known as “registration”) is granted by a third-party, such as CFC, upon verifying through an audit that the organization has fulfilled the considered essential clauses. This certification is maintained through scheduled annual surveillance audits by the registrar, with re-certification of the Environmental Management System performed on a triennial basis.