Pandemic Planning

What is Pandemic Planning?

Pandemic Planning is a documented approach that enables you to prepare for a prevalent and dangerous outbreak of an infectious life-threatening disease that may influence an organization’s ability to perform crucial functions.

A pandemic plan should present how an organization will continue to deliver essential services during an event with substantial employee absenteeism. This training course describes also the measures that the organization will implement and apply when coping with pandemics. This intervention explains how the organization will reduce the contact between people to help prevent the outbreak of an infection.

Why is Pandemic Planning important for you?

Since it is hard to foresee when the next pandemic will occur or how serious its consequences will be, it is important to include pandemic planning within your organization’s crisis communication and disaster recovery plan.

By obtaining a Pandemic Planning certification, you will be able to enhance your knowledge and expertise in developing an efficient Pandemic Plan and support your organization in effectively coping with such an event. In addition, you will be able to proactively plan how your organization will manage, communicate, and sustain contact with the main members before, during, and after serious pandemic circumstances.

Benefits of Pandemic Planning

  • Obtaining a Pandemic Planning certification will help you to:
  • Develop a specific pandemic preparedness plan
  • Determine how to minimize business disruptions
  • Promote awareness about the problems associated with pandemics
  • Create a business continuity plan
  • Establish strategies on how to cope with interactions involving high customer contacts
  • Develop social distancing practices to reduce infections
  • Establish telecommuting options
How do I get started with the Pandemic Planning Training?

Being certified against Pandemic Planning will demonstrate that you have the practical knowledge to cope with pandemics. Our experts are here to guide you through the necessary steps to obtain your professional certification.

Pandemic Planning Foundation training course is currently under development and will be available shortly.