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Collaboration & Info Sharing Systems

The Automation Monitoring Collaboration & Information Sharing (AMCIS) Project — CFC has developed a highly customized business information management platform which presents a set of capabilities through an online portal that makes it better, faster and easier for owners and stakeholders to manage and streamline business operations and see at a glance what’s happening within an organization in real-time.

Our Platform enables users to gain access to critical office and business communications, follow through critical workflows identifying potential bottlenecks in their daily operations.

It is designed to deliver relevant indicators securely and reliably. We extend those capabilities so you can see what is happening in your organization across multiple teams, locations and departments.

The AMCIS Project targets Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) allowing them to harness the benefits of a full featured Enterprise Resource Planning platform coupled with affordable and flexible payment plans for as low as US$ 50 per month.

In addition, we created an easy production workflow process that allows the project to easily scale in a way that allows mass-production of customized solutions for different SMEs. These innovations make it possible to create employment opportunities for low-skilled individuals and particularly those who have no prior IT background knowledge.