Secure Application Developer Trainings

Secure Application Development (SAD) is the process of writing secure code without errors and vulnerabilities that expose an application to cyber threats and attacks. Developing securely is a preventive measure that will help organizations avoid and/or mitigate attacks related to the applications that it develops. Since, software bugs and flaws in the rationale of a program are the constant cause for software vulnerabilities, secure application development is a very important part of an organization’s cybersecurity.

Secure Application Development (SAD) was developed as a result of the awareness trainings for software developers on how to best secure coding. According to many software security professionals, the most exposures to threats are due to errors in programming, so educating the software developers is a very crucial step in every organization.

Why is Secure Application Development important for you?

Vulnerabilities in software programs and systems have been increasing drastically in the past decade. Developing a secure application in today’s frantic world of mobile devices, social networks, the cloud and complex business applications can be challenging. Customers expect applications to be made available and updated faster than ever. It is important to know how to develop software in an agile manner without compromising the security of the information of users and organizations.

One of the most important steps whilst developing secure applications is an effective well-structured training discipline that helps developers learn vital secure coding principles and how they can be applied and integrated into SDLC architecture and design elements. With regards to the secure development – the earlier you apply secure code in the software development stage the better. Not utilizing secure code could create vulnerabilities in your enterprise databases, software, and web applications leaving your company open to cyber threats. The lack of a credible Secure Application Development (SAD) program could result in weakened overall cybersecurity, loss of clients due to breaches of information and sensitive data, and at potentially irreversible financial losses.

Benefits of Lead Secure Application Developer Certification

Lead Secure Application Developer Certificate will prove that you have:

  • An understanding of which security mechanisms should to be implemented according to best industry practices
  • The knowledge on how threats can be minimized
  • Identify the complex areas of the cyber microcosm where secure development can enhance the security of your company

How do I get started with the Lead Secure Application Developer Training?

Interested in expanding your knowledge and advancing your skills on Lead Secure Application Developer? PECB experts are here to provide you with comprehensive theoretical and practical instructions and help you obtain PECB Certified Lead Secure Application Developer credentials.

Check out this training course below and find out if it suits you:
  • Lead Secure Application Developer

*The Lead Secure Application Developer training course is currently under development and will be available soon.